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    TAC Training Assessment Cell LLC is a veteran-owned firearms training business in Bethany, OK that teaches people how to safely and effectively use firearms. Our courses are beginner-friendly, catering to people of all ages and skill levels.
    In addition to being NRA and USCCA certified, we are prepared to answer your questions about firearm handling and regulations. We offer customers a wide variety of specialized courses, including home defense and law enforcement training.
    We value your business and offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our firearms training courses. Contact us at (405) 498-3062 to schedule private firearm lessons today.

Our Services

Hangun training
Handgun Training

The comprehensive handgun training course at TAC Training Assessment Cell LLC includes instruction on basic firearms safety, firearm handling, proper grip and trigger control, sight alignment, and more. Handgun courses also teach you safety regulations and rules you need to follow when practicing on shooting ranges. We teach participants a variety of handling techniques, including defensive shooting.

Rifle training
Rifle Training

Our one-day rifle training course lays the foundation for effective rifle handling and operation. In this course, you will learn the basics of safety, range etiquette, shooting/ready positions, target transitions, clearing or stoppages, and more. Call (405) 498-3062 to schedule a class on general firearm cleaning and maintenance today.

Conceald cary permit
Concealed Cary Permit

TAC Training Assessment Cell LLC offers specialized training to individuals interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit. In our advanced concealed carry courses, participants develop essential skills like conflict-avoidance and situational awareness. Additionally, we offer course members a complete guide to Oklahoma State Laws for concealed carry permit holders and firearm owners.

Private group training
Private Group Classes

Your comfort handling and operating a firearm is an essential component of our training courses. Feel free to invite your friends and family to our private group classes to participate in our training courses. Our firearms instructor trains you how to quickly remove your firearm from its holster and aim at a target on our private shooting range in Oklahoma City, OK.

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